Smokey Haiku

true haiku


Earth Rumbles, Shaking
Ground Breaking, Ten Point Zero
Godzilla, Reborn


Ode to the Raiders

In Raider Nation
They Quietly Mourn, Al Davis,
A Zombie No More
Al Davis after feasting on a zombie dinner

 1929 – 2011


Those lips, so soft, warm
Taking me in and out, oh…yes…
I love you, fleshlight!

Is it just me, or did it just get dark in here?

Load the gun, put it
To the head. Red on the walls
How melodramatic


Beer beer beer beer beer
Vodka whiskey rum, I am
An alcoholic


White Asian Hispanic
Black; we brothers in this world
But fuck those damn Armenians

Dark Knight

Why so serious? Batman
Fighting the Joker, Gotham deadly
Heath Ledger is dead